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NEW STOCK! Animation cels for Christmas 2022

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We've been super busy with life and all that and have only just been able to add the rest of our current stock to the website.

We can't put this any clearer... This is ALL we have left! We bought much of what we have now a long time ago and since then it has become harder and harder to find. These pieces are all antiques and one of a kinds. Once they get sold off there isn't any more, they don't get remade or new ones produced!

We've already seen animations cels sold last year double in price so if you want to get your piece of history now would be a good time to grab it before somebody else does!

If you have any questions do head over to our facebook page this is the easiest way to get in touch. Please remember that we run this all in our spare time so we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

Thanks! Greg :)

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