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Original Marvel Animation Cel Prices Are on the Rise!

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Hi celbase fans!

Quick update on the situation of stock at the moment, September 2020!

Stock is dropping globally and its more important now more than ever to pick up a piece of MARVEL history!

We've seen a dramatic increase in awareness of original artwork over the last few years due to the popular success of the MARVEL universe. These pieces are one offs and thus when they go there are no more!

With any antique as they become in short supply the ones that are left rise in price and that's exactly what's happening. The price now to own a piece of original painted artwork from almost 30 years ago is rising become a commodity more every month.

We're almost out of stock and there is not much out there to follow. We of course keep the best ones! ;)

Get in touch with any questions and grab your piece of history today!

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