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Frequently Asked Questions!

What are the shipping costs?
Shipping is free in the UK, we do ship overseas but this may be added to the total purchase and is calculated based on location. Please email for information.

Are they originals?
100% - Every cel we have on our site were created by the original creators of the cartoon series. The artwork has been collected from every corner of the world.

How do you value/price them?
Price can depend on many factors these consist of things like how rare the artwork is, how many were made, how many are left in circulation, the character featured and how many episodes they were in. Quality of the scene or character, does it have a printed background or an original background used in multiple scenes and episodes. Some of the cels may be signed by living or passed creators increasing value.

Do you supply certificates?
All our artwork is individually label and categorized by hand. We do not provide certificates. This is because certificates are easily copied and forged. Our silver labels located in the corner of our art are unique markers for dealers. If selling on we'll be able to reference the number located below the logo and track the cel back to its origins for certification.

Do you have a physical shop?
I'm afraid not but if anybody wants to pay for one we're game! ;) We do however exhibit at many UK Comic Conventions including MCM Expo and London Film & Comic Con.

Are you on Social Media?
Yes! We are on & Feel free to discuss all things 70's, 80's and 90's!

How can we get in contact with you?
Email us through! But please no spam!